The mission of theLEANvetpractice is to develop and disseminate knowledge of Lean thinking and Lean practice throughout the veterinary profession.

I try to help practices and individuals understand and implement Lean Thinking by working with them to define and address gaps in performance that need to be closed, developing both the capability to improve the flow of value to clients and patients, and the problem solving ability of the staff so that a practice can sustain the gains and continuously improve. 

I have worked on a number of different kinds of business problems across several different industries and sectors, from large national charities to small independent manufacturing businesses.

Having seen how Lean has always helped unlock levels of performance that weren’t possible through traditional management approaches, it’s now my mission to “bring it back home” and into the veterinary profession.

My unique perspective is a passion for Lean Thinking coupled with the fact that I am actually a vet as well and therefore fully understand the challenges we face as a profession and in our day-to-day working lives. I have also been fortunate to train at Toyota itself, working alongside Lean senseis with decades of experience.

Together, we can introduce Lean to your practice in a sympathetic yet effective manner, building your internal capabilities so that the changes made can be sustained by yourselves.

We’re still building the site and striving to improve it so please bear with us. If you have any questions or comments, or if you are interested in becoming a lean veterinary practice, please contact Christian at christianbamber@gmail.com