8 Step Problem Solving Process

Does your practice struggle to solve problems?

Most people think they are great problem solvers! After all, vets, doctors and engineers have been trained in it, and they are expected to problem solve and reach effective solutions every day.

8 Step Problem Solving Process

Unfortunately, we might not be as good at problem solving as we think especially when it comes to working ON the  business rather than what we have been trained to do within the business.

So ask yourselves this:

  • Do we struggle to solve problems when we recognise them?
  • Are we missing the true root cause of our problems?
  • Do we not even see that we have a problem?
  • Are we fighting the same problem over and over again in spite of having already “solved” it several times?

If any of the above sounds familiar, then theleanvetpractice’s 8 Step Problem Solving Process based upon a highly successful model used by Toyota will work for you

The 8 Step Problem Solving Process gets you to sustainable solutions that prevent the problem from returning relevant to manufacturing, transportation, health care, and financial businesses. It works in both production and non-production work.

Of course, being theleanvetpractice, we offer training directly relevant to the veterinary practice environment. The one-day program is available either onsite at your practice or at a convenient local venue.

Learning objectives include:

  • understanding how the guiding principles underlie the discipline and thinking of the process
  • applying the 8 step process in a realistic work problem exercise
  • assessing your own work condition and begin planning how to adopt the 8 step method

Instructional methods include:

  • highly interactive discussion built around short segments of instruction
  • small group practice and report-out discussion for a richer and more varied learning experience
  • Q&A coaching on how to take the method home to your practice

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