Lean Facilitation

Need help solving a problem? Want to be able to use Lean more?

The Lean Vet Practice offers a unique facilitation service which is part training and part problem-solving. If you have an area of your practice which you need help with, we can guide you through the process. All it takes is a day of your time and we can even give you a CPD certificate at the end. 

Together with key members of your team, our facilitation session will construct a visual representation of your problem area which in Lean we call a Value Stream Map. Then the fun starts as we work together to surface the problems. However, we like problems! Every problem in Lean is an opportunity for improvement so the more we find, the greater the potential for getting things done even better! 

Following this, the team then focuses on getting to the actual cause of each problem, a process called Root Cause Analysis. Finally, we design a roadmap for solving each problem using Lean tools and techniques and, of course, harnessing the creative power of your team. 

We don’t solve your problems – you do! But we help you get there. Plus, you take the skills you have learnt away for another day of Lean problem solving. Or, if you would rather just have a training day, have a look at our Lean Training page.

Contact us to find out more about starting your problem solving.